Winter Wander

The day started at the aircraft viewing area Tullamarine with a beautiful blue sky and it stayed that way all day.  A good array of Lancias all sporting roofs and heaters although as it happened the weather would have permitted otherwise.  Mike handed out the directions and being a Lancia run most of the participants including myself proceeded to get lost, no matter we all made it to the coffee stop at Lancefield by various routes.  As well as the Lancias parked in the street we came across an unlikely pair of cars enjoying the Victorian sunshine a 30/98 Vauxhall and a red Maserati 150S/250S.  As coffee takes so long to drink we went straight to the Redesdale Hotel forgoing the more circuitous route planned by Mike.  However the shortcut  via the Burke and Wills Track was a glorious drive and Garry Regan’s Fulvia Berlina set a cracking pace.  Lastly the Redesdale Hotel puts on a good feed in very pleasant surroundings.  Thanks to Mike Southgate for organising the run and Garry Regan for supplying most of the photos. 


  1. Tony Ward

    Great range of Lancia cars. Nice to see a couple of other worthy classics!

  2. Denis

    Can you put names to both people and the cars please– like who owns what?? Interstate members don’t know half the people involved these days.



    1. Mark McKibbin (Post author)

      Hi Denis,

      As this is a public website some people may prefer not have their car or themselves identified and it’s a lot more work for me. I will ask the question at the committee meeting next week.




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