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Australian Lancia Register -Donations
Dear Members, The ALR committee wishes to express its gratitude to the many club members for supporting the ALR . 
Should any members wish to donate to the club, we would be most grateful to recognise the individual should that be their wishes. Our success is your success. 

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Fifty Years of Dirty Hands

A book by the late Clive Beattie, Lancia Guru. Fascinating book on the workings of  Aurelias and Lambdas.


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Balancing the V4, by Geoffrey Goldberg

Balancing the V4, by Geoffrey Goldberg 100 pages


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Here and There and Life with Lancia. Pat Ure 2021

Soft Covers, 245 pp. Full colour throughout. Orders should be in by mid-August. These books
are coming back in a Lambda following Fobello and are expected sometime around


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The history of the Australian Lancia register

A comprehensive glossy booklet highlighting 50 years of the ALR and some memorable stories from the people that were there.


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100 years of LAMBDA

100 years of LAMBDA by Joachim Griese 66 pages


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Lancia - 70 Years of Trailblazing

A hard copy book showing photos and descriptions how the models were presented for sale by the factory.
Specifications, prices when new, production numbers and nearly 300 Lancia sales brochures from 1908 to 1975


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Grill Badge

Australia Lancia register GRILL BADGE


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Soft Shell Vest Mens

Soft Shell rally vest with Lancia embroidery and the 50 year of ALR medallion sewn in .


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Log Book Cover

VICTORIA club permit log book cover


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Rally Medallion 2001

Rally Medallion 2001 celebrating the Specials made for hill climbs and racing


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Rally medallion 2003

Rally medallion 2003 celebrating GOH Stefano Falchetto


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Rally Medallion 2005

Rally Medallion 2005, Celebrating 75 years of collaboration with styling house PININFARINA


16 Available

Rally Medallion 2007

Rally Medallion 2007, Celebrating 100 years of lancia


18 Available

Rally Medallion 2009

Rally Medallion 2009, Celebrating the Flaminia


13 Available

Rally Medallion 2011

Rally Medallion 2011, Celebrating the Flavia flat four engine


30 Available

Rally Medallion 2015

Rally Medallion 2015, Celebrating the V6 engine by DeVirglio


10 Available

Rally Medallion 2017

Rally Medallion 2017, Celebrating 110 years of Lancia


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Rally Medallion 2019

Rally Medallion 2019, Celebrating 100 years of KAPPA


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Rally Medallion 2021

Rally Medallion 2021, Celebrating 100 years of LAMBDA


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