After the post-COVID rush to get out and enjoy as many events as possible in 2022,  we were all exhausted by the end of the year but alas there is a calendar for 2023 to put together so our  Lancisti members can plan what events they wish to attend for 2023. 

I put my hand up to do the first event with the intention to make it as relaxed as possible, and so reversed engineered the event to rather than meet and do a spirited drive to the Yarra Valley hills, I thought I would allow everyone to do their drive to me and meet for a BBQ lunch at the Veneto club Bulleen. 

The original site of the veneto club was inaugurated in 1963, with the purchase of the site from local authorities. The councillators at the time thought they were mad to offer to purchase land which was essentially a floodplain with a creek behind. The clever forefathers of the Veneto club said with a grin, ” We are Venetians, we know how to live on water” . at so it was that the Barraca was the first building on the site.  

The BBQ lunch was a huge success with 46 people , 28 x lancia’s of all sorts and an amazing lunch put together with club volunteers . The ladies did an amazing job to setup the area with white table cloths, and decorations on the tables, Lancia flags, posters and a very long food table. I served an italian savory dish called Zeppoli, made by my nonna which is like a long fried savory donut with anchovy inside. It was a huge success with many asking for the recipe . 

Special Thank you to Mario & Stef, Tony & Elisa, David Ozlins and  my Mandy for the help to organise the event.  A great kick off to the year and to  announcing the theme for Castlemiane 27, of 40 years of WRC and 50 years of BETA with a big banner. 

Angelo Monteleone

The Boys at their best