23rd AUGUST 2020

10 Shoreham Road, Shoreham, Victoria

To come together and celebrate the birth of the founder of Lancia Automobiles S.p.A , formed in 1906, We welcome lancisti to join us at Pier 10 estate https://www.pier10wine.com.au/ in Shoreham on the lovely Mornington peninsula .

 3 course meal with selection off the event menu $60 per person
 Drinks and coffee paid for on consumption.

Meeting Point: 10.00am at BP Truckstop, Baxter on Peninsula Link just past
the Somerville exit. 1400 Mornington Peninsula Fwy, Baxter VIC 3911
Departure time will be 10.30am when we will commence a scenic drive through rural parts of the Mornington Peninsula. Roads selected will allow you enjoy the handling qualities of your Lancia.

Arrival at PIER-10 for lunch at 12.15pm.
Currently the venue is limited to 30 diners, so do not delay your booking.
Booking can only be made via the ALR portal. Click Here

Bill Richards run with lunch at Farmers Arms Hotel BEEAC -CANCELLED-

Sunday 19th JULY 2020

Lancia Enthusiast and collector Ean McDowell has single handedly put BEEAC on the map with his eclectic mix of motormania collected over a lifetime. In addition he has now acquired the historical “ Rosebank “ homestead in BEEAC. Please join us for a private viewing of Rosebank,
Lunch at his pub, and a visit to his Motor museum.

 Menu is set, with selection off the event menu $35 per person
 Drinks and coffee paid for on consumption.

Booking via the ALR portal. Click Here
Meeting Point: 9.00am at BP RockBank BP Rockbank Outbound Truckstop,
1929 Western Fwy, Rockbank VIC 3335

Departure time will be 9.30am and arrival at BEEAC “RoseBank Estate” 1540 Main rd Beeac for Private viewing at 11.00am

Angelo Monteleone: 0430508509