ALR Summer BBQ family day lunch 2024

ALR Summer BBQ, 11/2/2024

I was thrilled when the final numbers came in for our first ALR event for 2024 , the ALR summer BBQ at the Veneto club. 

In 2023, we had 34 loyal lancisti turn up. This year it was 66 exhurabant members that came along to enjoy the delights of a summer BBQ  and catchup after the long holidays. 

On offer was Nonna Angelo’s famous Zeppole, which are rolled dough filled with anchovy and deep fried in olive oil.  It was quite a hit as a starter to the main service of filled beef hamburgers, italian pork sausages from our local butcher in brunswick, condiments  and sweet panettone served with expresso coffee as dessert. 

The newly renovated  ” Barraca” facilities was quite an uplift and made prepping and cooking a pleasure for the gang of helpers Marion malavisi, Tony federico, carl Hurd and their respected wives including my Mandy all  ganging together to make sure the day went like clockwork. 

lancia’s in attendance were, 7 x Beta’s ,  6 x Fulvias , 2 x Montecarlo’s , 1 x Flavia , 1 x Augusta , 2 x exquisite Flaminia’s , 3 x lambda’s,  Peter catalano’s very rare Appia Motto Torino, Bruno Couletti mint Appia 3rd series and after a long hiatus, Chris Long’s lovely Ardea also made an appearance. 

The standout of the gathering was new member Joseph Pezzi’s newly restored  1976 Beta Coupe series I in Giallo Maya which was brand new in every way. 

From the feedback received, the day was very much a success in the location, the facilities and the fantastic company and Lancia’s cars on display.  I believe the formula works and we shall continue to offer the summer BBQ as a yearly fixture for as many members that can join us in the future. 

Angelo Monteleone – President