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Winter Wander

The mercury was reluctant to move above 4° as we left Rokeby this morning, luckily the climate west of Melbourne was relatively tropical at about 9° for the start at the Todd Road Service Centre .  On arrival most participants were found milling in the car park trying to decide if KFC coffee was worth the risk, no casualties were recorded.

The trip down to Cressy was uneventful with light traffic and sunny skies, we were met by Ean McDowell who had arranged for us to have a look around the historic homestead “Yarima”, those that had thick windproof coats enjoyed a brief tour of the immaculate gardens and shearing shed but the (ant)arctic gale eventually got the best of us so we headed for Ean’s nice warm pub at Beeac.

Great food, friendly service and a chance to see some very rare cars rounded off a very wintry wander.

Thanks to Rob Alsop and Ean McDowell.

More photos just added from Angelo Monteleone, thanks again Angelo!


Wintersun Rally

News Flash from the Appia crew Simmo and Pedro:

“Some pics from Wintersun…haven’t had a chance to pen some text however the pics are a good start…
Pete and I drove up in the Appia over three days: great fun!”

Three breakdowns:
1. Ken and Ann Studious in the Beta Coupe (Trailer home)
2. Al and Shellagh Hornsby in the PF Flaminia (Trailer home)
3. Russell Meehan’s Fulvia had a brake failure…I think it was resolved during the week…

More photos just added from Angelo Monteleone, thanks Angelo!


Clive Beattie Lunch

The Clive Beatttie lunch started as an obstacle race for some of us as a mini hurricane had passed through Victoria the night before leaving roads blocked by fallen trees, but such is the dedication of the Lancia owner that debris strewn roads were not going to get in the way of a good lunch.

Another surprise was that the General Manager of Lindenderry Redhill was none other than a Sig Lancia and although claiming otherwise, his attention detail and the superb food and wine produced must make Roger Lancia a close relative to Vincenzo.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Lindenderry Estate wines.

Lindenderry GM , Roger Lancia’s personal choice – Marc Bondini – Flaminia GT (Touring)
Newest Member – Franco Moras
Longest travelled (in a Lancia) – Graham Kerslake
21 years of wedded bliss – Angelo Monteleone

Thanks to Angelo Monteleone for organising such a great run.  Photos from Angelo and myself.