Castlemaine 26

Dear Lancisti, members and friends 
Castlemaine26 by all accounts was a huge success and I’m buoyed by the accolades and enthusiasm to continue the biennial events in the historical and much-loved township of Castlemaine. We celebrated 100 years of Lambda in the best possible way and had many very well presented cars shown. We also celebrated 50 years of the Australian lancia Register with some special words in our club book that was presented to attendee’s. Of course an event wouldnt be complete without photo’s and video’s to remember it and we hope to inspire people to continue to attend the event in 2023.  

Below is some drone footage and a slide show. Enjoy!

Angelo Monteleone
President | Australian Lancia Register

Slide Show


  1. Massimo Fila

    Dear all, I got this link from Brian Long who took part at your wonderfull event of Castelmaine. I’m a Lancia enthusiast since I was a young student and I’m the happy owner of an Aurelia B20, a B21 sedan and a 1947 Aprilia. I’m from Biella a city located in Piemonte which was one of the biggest Lancia market in those years. I just want to congratulate you all for the great job done, and for the pleasure I feel noting how the brand Lancia is appreciated and loved in a Country so far from Italy. Thank you again and congratulation for your flawless event, worthy of the Lancia brand. I take the opportunity of this short message to hask for your help in getting in touch with the owner of the Lancia Aurelia B20 5101 VI Series 1957, belonged to one of my uncle, which appears to have been sold in Australia in the 70′

  2. Massimo Fila

    as partial modification of my yesterday’s message, I would like confirm that I’m looking for the actual owner of the Aurelia B20 3862 engine 5101. Thank you.

  3. Mike Southgate - ALR Committee

    Hello Massimo,
    Sorry it has taken so long to reply to your query, I didn’t see this until now.
    I have found a record of your uncle’s Aurelia B20, but I need to follow up as the last owner (since 1977 according to my register) is deceased. I don’t know if the car was sold since his death but I’ll try to find out.
    Best regards,


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