Castlemaine 13

Dates 27 – 29 October, 1995
Guest of Honour Dott. Ing. Piero Gobbato




Rally Notes

A European’s View of Castlemaine

Some of the highlights of the weekend I will take with me back to Germany;


–     At the forum, which was held after lunch on the Saturday, Engegnere Dottore Piero Gobbato, Guest of Honour in 1995 and General Manager of Lancia during those times when the Stratos, the Betas and the Gamma were developed and built, was given quite an amount of questions and answered patiently and appropriately to his very large experiences in nearly whole of the Italian car industry.  Ruggero Giannini, Guest of Honour in 1993, acted as an expert interpreter.  I liked the idea of a Guest of Honour very much, but as it is done in Australia you also have to have a patron – in their case Carlo Bianchi Anderloni of Touring Superleggera fame.


–     Dinner for 250 at the Town Hall on Saturday night was very largely supported by some Jazzmen, real recognized experts, they even had special Lancia tunes created for the meeting, one I remember called ‘the Lambda Strut’, great!  Overseas guests were introduced to the Australian Lancia community again – I’m sure they weren’t feeling very ‘overseas’ anymore.


–     Somehow it is fascinating to sit in a modern Honda and be overtaken by a Kappa or trying to follow a Lambda with the Pilot, Ron Jacobs (from New Zealand).  On Sunday at Bringalbit there was a row of Lambdas that stretched off to the horizon such as I’d never seen before and so many brilliant Aurelias.  There was plenty of time for a walk amongst all the matchless Lancias or around in the beautiful parks.


Thanks to you all of the Australian Lancia Register who welcomed us so heartily.


Karl Keinz Hager, President of the Lancia Club of Germany.


A Dinner Table Account of Castlemaine – As recounted by our Guest of Honour to his daughter, Maria Pia Torretta)


Piero Gobbato, Guest of Honour at the ‘Castlemaine Lancia Rally’ tells us of the love for Lancia from the other side of the world.


They love their Lancia’s with a passion but they don’t spare them.  They drive them at the highest speed, the foot always on the accelerator.  And when finished the day’s work, if they are lawyers, doctors, importers or farmers (some of us are just workers – Eds), they close themselves in their workshops to hammer at spare parts, which they make themselves.


“Of the Australians, I noticed a great simplicity, a style and rhythm of life very diverse to ours.  Remarkable also the passion for the Lancia, between them they speak only of cars, of how to look after them, find spare parts and accessories, and if they can’t find them they make them.  A passion that they live with extreme naturalness in their home workshops.  The cars, even the oldest, which we would look after with caution, are pushed to the limit on the roads where, to say the truth, the speed limits are terribly severe.  But not for these old gentlemen.”

Trophy Winners


Class Winner Category Information
Pre-Lambda Warren Pitstock, Trikappa
Don Wright Shield Philip Kinsella, 8th Series Torpedo Best Recent Lambda Restoration
“A” Series Award Neville Anderson, 1st Series Appia Berlina Artena, Augusta, Astura, Appia, Ardea
Fobello Trophy Bill Guy, 1st Series Berlina Best Aprilia
Clive Beattie Award Frank Weston, B20 Coupe Best Aurelia
Flaminia Trophy Brian Long, Flaminia Touring Convertible
Fulvia Trophy Brian Kane, 1st Series Coupe
Beta Trophy Don Esmore, Delta Integrale
Gerald Batt Trophy Ron Jacob, 8th Series Torpedo Long Distance Award, Aurelia or earlier – New Zealand
Norman Steward Shield Graham O’Connor Best Effort by a Register Member – 19000km Mobile 1 Around Australia Trial – Fulvia
Best Car in Show Phil Eather, Stratos


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