Castlemaine 9

Dates 24 – 25 October, 1987
Guest of Honour






Class Winner Category Information
Pre-Lambda John Shellard, Kappa
Don Wright Shield Vin Thomas, 8th Series Weymann Best Recent Lambda Restoration
“A” Series Award Greame Steinfort, Augusta March Tourer Artena, Augusta, Astura, Appia, Ardea
Fobello Trophy      Peter Renou, Aprilia Ghia Grand Sport Best Aprilia
Clive Beattie Award Don Wright, 3rd Series B20 Coupe Best Aurelia
Flaminia Trophy Tom Ivory, Flaminia Zagato Supersport
Fulvia Trophy Ian Bunker-Smith, 1.3S Rallye Coupe
Best Modern Bert and Edda Leembruggen, Beta MonteCarlo Post Fulvia
Gerald Batt Trophy Peter Farrell, Appia Berlina Long Distance Award, Aurelia or earlier – 1834 km
Best car in Rally Peter Renou, Aprilia Ghia Grand Sport


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