Castlemaine 6

Dates 7 – 9 March, 1981
Guest of Honour Harry Marshall and Jack Barber






Class Winner Category Information
Pre-Lambda John Shellard, Kappa
Don Wright Shield Don Wright, Lambda 5th Series Best Recent Lambda Restoration
Auswide Trophy Peter Renou, 3rd Series Appia Artena, Augusta, Astura, Appia, Ardea
Clive Beattie Award John Waddell, B20 Best Aurelia
Lowe Trophy 901 NRC (Qld), Fulvia 1.3 RallyeKen Lang, Fulvia 1.3 HF Best Flavia, Flaminia, 2000, Fulvia
Pur Sang Trophy Tony Ward, Gamma Coupe Best Post Fulvia
Gerald Batt Trophy Don Wright, 5th Series Lambda Long Distance Award, Aurelia or earlier – 1880 km


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