Castlemaine 20

Dates 16 – 24 October, 2009
Guest of Honour Angela Verschoor
Feature Flavia


Castlemaine 20

After what always seems to be an interminable wait, the Friday start to the Rally finally rolled around and the first of the Lancisti attending the new format Castlemaine 20 began to arrive at Paul Vellacott’s family home Talerddig. This Friday gathering has become bigger with each Rally and the street was soon filled with Lancias from Victoria and interstate including the first few of the featured Flaminias.

At the house and in its beautiful gardens previous friendships were rekindled over luncheon. Everyone glanced anxiously at the sky as the occasional chilly rain squall passed through. Surely our near-unbroken record of impeccable Rally weather wasn’t going to be sullied!

That night we all met up again at the Theatre Royal, a previous Rally eve venue, where dinner was served after pre-dinner drinks. All tables were taken and attention was centred on the much awaited launch of Bruce Lindsay’s outstanding publication “Original Lancia – 70 Years of Trailblazing” by Stuart Murdoch. Bruce was on hand to autograph books purchased on the evening. The consensus was that this short-run definitive history of the marque will soon be sold out and the lucky buyers will get many hours of enjoyment both reading it and viewing the accompanying CD expertly compiled by Angela Verschoor. Ian Fraser, a long-time Lancia owner then entertained us with some amusing Lancia related recollections from his many years of motoring involvement. All the while there were excerpts from the book being projected on the screen as a live backdrop to proceedings.

Saturday morning was chilly but with no rain whilst fifty or so Lancias assembled around the perimeter of the Western Oval. Russell Meehan however wasn’t approached for autographed copies of the front page Castlemaine Mail which featured a photo of him beside a Lambda, the poster and an informative outline of the Rally’s long association with Castlemaine!

Alan Hornsby had used his local knowledge to compile three routes to our lunch stop at Kingston. Two of the routes went past the Chocolate Mill which, judging by the number of
Lancias in the car park, seemed irresistible to many. Of course, the great coffee was the real attraction, it was said!

In the new format of the Rally, the customary Sunday display of cars took place on the
Saturday afternoon at the Kingston Oval. It was a convenient venue complete with a grandstand which afforded somewhere to sit, relax and enjoy the great view of all the assembled cars.

The Flaminias were assembled in front of the grandstand and the remainder of the Lancias radiated out impressively from there. Smaller shelters accommodated the paraphernalia and spare parts stands and the food was available from another building.

The Rally dinner was held in the Town Hall following the same format of recent Rallies.
After the introductory speeches, it was time for the award of a life membership to another Australian Lancia luminary. Dick Seers was the new recipient and his commitment to Lancias during the era of Flavias, Fulvias and Flaminias
through his company, Lambda Motors in Sydney, is well known to most local Register

Awards to various categories of Lancias, based on the Register’s quirky ‘formula’, was backed up by on-screen photos of the various recipient’s cars.

Cars reassembled on Sunday morning outside Talerddig for the run over to Seymour for the luncheon at the Seymour Club and Bistro. This event had a twofold purpose, a farewell to Rally participants who were heading home and a kickoff for those taking part in the Alpine Tour to follow.

Brian Long


Class Winner Category Information
Pre-Lambda Trophy Nil
Don Wright Shield 1927 Lambda Series 7 Torpedo of John
Best Lambda Restoration
“A” Series Award 1934 Augusta Berlina of Peter
Artena / Augusta / Astura / Appia / Ardea
Fobello Trophy      1937
Aprilia Series 1 Berlina of Paul Vellacott
Best Aprilia
Clive Beattie Award 1957 Aurelia Series 6 Coupe of Rob Barker Best Aurelia
Flaminia Trophy 1961 3C Touring
Coupe of Mark Bondini
David Murphy Memorial Trophy Flavia Coupe of Stuart Milne Best Flavia /
Fulvia Trophy 1969 Fulvia GT2
Sedan of Mervyn Concanen
Beta Trophy 1976 Stratos Coupe of
William Zuccon
Gamma / Delta / Theta Trophy 1981 Montecarlo Series 2 Spyder of
Stephen Vincent
Gerald Batt Trophy 1972 Fulvia Series 2 Coupe of Robert
Longest distance travelled
Norman Stewart Shield 1926 Lambda Series 6
Ballon of Stuart Paton
Best personal effort by
a member
Committee Award No. 5. 1926 Lambda Series
6 Torpedo of David Couper
Angela Verschoor Award 1981 Rally 037 Coupe of William
For running into his own car
Flaminia Special Award 1965 Flaminia Zagato Coupe
of Ian Barker
Original Poster

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