Castlemaine 18

Castlemaine 18

Dates 14 – 16 October, 2005
Guest of Honour Sandro Munari


Trophy Guest of Honour

Sandro Munari was the Guest of Honour at Castlemaine 18.

Sandro Munari was to be our Guest of Honour back in 1979, but had to cancel at the last moment due to illness.  Sandro is one of the idols of the rallying world, having won the Italian rally championship twice, the Monte Carlo rally four times, and the World Rally Championship in 1979. This outstanding record was achieved while behind the wheel of Lancia Fulvia and Stratos.


Rally Notes

Castlemaine 18 has been, but not gone, for I am sure it will remain in our memories until Alzheimer’s or whatever takes over.  The excellent range of cars, people and venues certainly made it “One of the Best!”  Feedback from participants has been very positive, with our Guest of Hour, Sandro Munari, being especially praised for his unassuming good nature and willingness to have a chat.  I am sure the storey he told at the Saturday form about winning a hill climb, where, as a result of a flooded track, he spun the Fulvia Coupe and crossed the finishing line backwards will have already been recounted many times.

Sandro’s enthusiastic participation in every phase of the rally is all the more remarkable in view of his tight schedule and other commitments.  He only had two hours between arriving at Tullamarine Airport on a direct flight from Europe and his first engagement at Bell’s Hotel on Thursday night.  On Sunday night / Monday morning, he did not get to bed until 2am, because of problems submitting a report he had to write on the Chinese Grand Prix for publication in the Monday edition of several Italian papers.  Then, because of an urgent business matter in Italy, he had to depart on Tuesday, rather than spending a couple of days relaxing in Victoria.  So, thank you Sandro for your wonderful contribution to the rally being “One of the Best”.

A further achievement of ‘Castlemaine 18’ was the launch of ‘Fifty Five years of Dirty Hands’, the memoirs of Clive Beattie, who trained and mentored quite a number of the Melbourne Lancisti during the late fifties, sixties and seventies.  In addition to covering Clive’s life in the motor trade, the book includes Clive’s very insightful and easy to follow repair instructions for the Aurelia.  An attempt was first made to publish the book in 1981, shortly after Clive had died, but the costs turned out to be far too high.  Peter Renou took on the project a couple of years ago, and is to be congratulated for doing so much hard work to get the book published at an affordable cost using today’s smarter technology.

Shortly after the rally, we contacted the Mount Alexander Shire to book the Town Hall for the next Castlemaine rally, only to discover that it had already been booked by another group for the equivalent weekend in 2007.  So we have decided to move the rally to one week later: 19 – 21st October, 2007.

Paul Vellacott


Class Winner Category Information
Pre-Lambda Trophy John Shellard, 1919 Kappa Tourer
Don Wright Shield Wes Southgate, John Shellard’s 7th Series Tourer Best Recent Lambda Restoration
“A” Series Award Peter Renou, 1938 Astura Farina Cabriolet Artena, Augusta, Astura, Appia, Ardea
Fobello Trophy      Angelo Catalano, 1937 Series 1 Di Lusso Berlina Best Aprilia
Clive Beattie Award Brian Long, 1956 Series 2 Aurelia B12 Berlina Best Aurelia
Flaminia Trophy Denis Basson, 1959 Pinin Farina Coupe
David Murphy Memorial Trophy Christopher Gallagher, 1969 2000 Pinin Farina Coupe Best Flavia / 2000
Fulvia Trophy Joseph Milani, 1969 Series 1 Coupe
Stratos William Zuccon, 1975 Stratos
Beta Trophy Stuart Grainger, 2nd Series 2000 HPE Includes Gamma and Post Beta models
Gerald Batt Trophy Neville Anderson, 1935 Augusta Cabriolet Long Distance Award, Aurelia or earlier – 1330 Miles from Dulong, North Queensland
Norman Stewart Shield Peter Renou, 1938 Astura Farina Cabriolet Best personal effort by a member
Committee Award Queensland – in recognition of the large number of members at the rally Organizing Victorian day events
Angela Verschoor Award Paul Morton, 1974 Stradale Stratos Replica
Best Pinin Farina Bodied Lancia Peter Renou, 1939 Astura Farina Cabriolet


Oct 14 – 16


Noon to 4.00 pm

The rally starts with lunch in the garden of Talerddig, the Vellacott family home. This provides an opportunity to catch up with a whole circle of Lancia friends in a relaxed environment. In the past lunch has been provided by the Vellacott family, but because of the numbers that are expected to attend, (last rally 120 as opposed to the 80 anticipated) it is no longer realistic to have it as a free lunch and the caterer has asked for precise numbers.

5.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Registration at the Castle Motel

7.00 pm till late

Reception / dinner at the Castlemaine Market building.

Registration also available.


8.30 am – 9.00 am

Assemble cars opposite the Castle Motel.

9.30 am

Depart from Castle Motel for Maldon Railway Station.  Morning Tea to be provided by Railway Volunteers.  We  will see them getting the 10.40 train ready and  will be shown restoration  work in the sheds if desired.

11.30 am

Depart Maldon for Laanecoorie Reservoir. This is a picturesque park on the water’s edge

12.30 pm


2.00 pm 

Forum with presentations, followed by AGM of the Australian Lancia Register. There is a small pavilion there plus another venue in the adjoining Caravan Park in case of rain. 

Return to Castlemaine.

7.00 pm

Dinner in Town Hall.


9.00 am

Assemble cars on the Western Oval

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