Castlemaine 16

Dates9 – 11 November, 2001
Guest of Honour
FeatureSix Lancia SpecialsHistory talk by Eddie Perkins, Rob Harcourt, Don Wright, Bob and David West and Lance and Max Milne






ClassWinnerCategory Information
Pre-Lambda John Shellard, 1919 Kappa Tourer
Don Wright ShieldRay Long, Series 7 TorpedoBest Recent Lambda Restoration
“A” Series AwardNeville Anderson, 1935 Augusta CabrioletArtena, Augusta, Astura, Appia, Ardea
Fobello Trophy     Angelo Catalano, 1937 Series 1Best Aprilia
Clive Beattie AwardAndrew Lawson, 1951 Series 1 B20Best Aurelia
Flaminia TrophyBill Guy, 1960 Series 1 Coupe
David Murphy Memorial Trophy Lorraine Bell, 1964 Series 1 CoupeBest Flavia / 2000
Fulvia TrophyMark Johnson, 1972 Series 2 Zagato
Beta TrophyAlan Davies, 1983 Beta 2000 HPE
Gerald Batt TrophyNeville Anderson, 1935 Augusta CabrioletLong Distance Award, Aurelia or earlier – 1330 Miles from Dulong, North Queensland
Norman Stewart ShieldPeter Renou, 1964 Series 1 Fulvia BerlinaBest personal effort by a member
Committee AwardWarren Pitstock, 1922 Trikappa
Lancia – Based SpecialsAll entrants presented a trophy



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