Castlemaine 23 Rally plus Tour Days 1-3


Friday afternoon at Grant Cowie’s Up The Creek Workshop

IMG_20151016_161157 IMG_20151016_161207 IMG_20151016_161217






Bienvenu Church

Saturday morning tea. Mr Google apologises for giving the Zagatos a new roof line.


IMG_20151017_120001 IMG_20151017_120004 IMG_20151017_120007 IMG_20151017_120012

Saturday Lunch at  historic property, Kyneton

IMG_20151017_161438 IMG_20151017_161417 IMG_20151017_161415






Sunday Morning at the Morris Garage

IMG_20151018_112233 IMG_20151018_112239






Lastly a slideshow of the tour so far. Apologies for so many photos of my Lambda.

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