Castlemaine 23 Rally

Here are some photos of the rally thanks to Rob Alsop.  Great turnout of Lancias plus fantastic support from Ferrari and Lamborghini clubs.  The Tour continues as we speak, so stay tuned for posts from the tour.


Castlemaine 2015 Awards

Lambda/pre-Lambda award

15 entries

Wide range of chassis types – spiders, longs, California top, Mille replica

the award has been given to James Lewis

Fobello trophy

Formerly for Aprilia, now includes Artena, Augusta, Astura, and Ardea

the award has been given to Don Hume in what all the other Aprilia owners agree is the well deserving recipient.

Clive Beattie award (best Aurelia)

Now includes Appia and Flaminia

Many fine examples – mention Appia prototipo, Flaminia PFs,

But the committee has elected to award to Robert Scaife, restored himself in Hamilton, away from the usual support network and resources, etc.

David Murphy Memorial

Was Flavia/2000, now includes Fulvia

The winner saved a rusty wreck of a car where his son left it.  Restoration is complete and a credit to his persistence toward perfection, including making several mods to modernise the car.  Roger Michie, 1969 2000 pf coupe

Italian Job trophy

There were many cars under consideration for this award, recent restoration of Beta Zagato, etc.

Car has been coming to Castlemaine for many years, fine example of Beta in HPE form maintained by its only owner and his brother, the recipient is Geoffrey Kerslake.

Gerald Batt award

Formerly  – longest distance driven in Aurelia or earlier.

Now longest distance travelled in a Lancia. A simple award to give this year – David White in his Flavia coupe, from South East Queensland

Norman Stewart award – best personal effort by a member

Many possible recipients, including one of our committee members…

The recipient for this award bought his car a month ago, found out about the rally by chance 3 days ago, made calls, paid entry, departed Sydney on Thursday and despite some vandalism in Yass, arrived yesterday.

The award goes to John Worthington in his ie Turbo Thema

Angela Verschoor award

Hard luck award.

A few notables – three punctures for Terry Julien on route from Canberra

Vandalism in Yass

Sticky needle-in-seat in a non-original SU carb – serves him right!  Ken Palmer

But the winner is Stueart Milne in the Flavia today.


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