23rd AUGUST 2020

10 Shoreham Road, Shoreham, Victoria

To come together and celebrate the birth of the founder of Lancia Automobiles S.p.A , formed in 1906, We welcome lancisti to join us at Pier 10 estate in Shoreham on the lovely Mornington peninsula .

 3 course meal with selection off the event menu $60 per person
 Drinks and coffee paid for on consumption.

Meeting Point: 10.00am at BP Truckstop, Baxter on Peninsula Link just past
the Somerville exit. 1400 Mornington Peninsula Fwy, Baxter VIC 3911
Departure time will be 10.30am when we will commence a scenic drive through rural parts of the Mornington Peninsula. Roads selected will allow you enjoy the handling qualities of your Lancia.

Arrival at PIER-10 for lunch at 12.15pm.
Currently the venue is limited to 30 diners, so do not delay your booking.
Booking can only be made via the ALR portal. Click Here

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