Castlemaine 25 (Oct 18-20) Booking Form

This year you have the opportunity to book your registration, meals and merchandise for Castlemaine 25 online using the form below.

Start off by Clicking “Add to Cart” button at the end of the Registration Fee row then continue down the page selecting the meals (and the number of) by incrementing the quantities and clicking the “Add to Cart” button , remember you need to be below 16 years of age to get the Child meals, transposing the digits of your age and claiming you are dyslexic does not count. If you want a Child and Adult meal then select Child and the quantity then click “Add to Cart” button then select Adult and the quantity then click “Add to Cart” button they should both now be in the Cart (Next Page). The same routine should be followed for the Merchandise if you want any. Please note there is a sizing chart at the bottom of this page. Also the clothing is available only after you choose a size.

Once you have 1 Registration plus the meals and merchandise then click “View Cart”and you will be taken to the Shopping Cart…Good Luck. If you get stuck call Mark McKibbin (my number is in the newsletter)

Registration Fee

Early Bird Special Cutoff 30 September

$150.00 $120.00
Friday Lunch

Castlemaine Golf Club

Friday Reception

Das Kaffeehaus

Saturday Lunch


Saturday Dinner

Town Hall

Sunday Dinner Railway or Criterion Hotel

Please choose which venue you would prefer and we will try to fit you in.


Lancia Cap one size fits all

Polo Shirt Ladies

Navy polo with gold pin striping

Polo Shirt Mens

Navy polo with gold pin striping

Soft Shell Jacket Ladies

Navy Softshell Fleece Jacket

Soft Shell Jacket Mens

Navy Softshell Fleece Jacket

Soft Shell Vest Ladies

Navy Softshell Fleece Vest

Soft Shell Vest Mens

Navy Softshell Fleece Vest

V Neck Jumper

Navy woollen Jumper


View Cart


  • If you wish to relate this size to yourself, find an equivalent style garment that fits you ie. If you want a Tee shirt fit don’t measure a jacket.
  • Lay the garment on a flat surface and measure from side to side under the armpit.
  • This measurement is referred to as the “Half Chest Measurement”