Castlemaine 25 (Oct 18-20) Booking Form

This year you have the opportunity to book your registration and meals for Castlemaine 25 online using the form below.

Start off by Clicking “Add to Cart” button at the end of the Registration Fee row then continue down the page selecting the meals (and the number of) by incrementing the quantities and clicking the “Add to Cart” button , remember you need to be below 16 years of age to get the Child meals, transposing the digits of your age and claiming you are dyslexic does not count. If you want a Child and Adult meal then select Child and the quantity then click “Add to Cart” button then select Adult and the quantity then click “Add to Cart” button they should both now be in the Cart (Next Page).

Once you have 1 Registration plus meals then click “View Cart”and you will be taken to the Shopping Cart…Good Luck. If you get stuck call Mark McKibbin (my number is in the newsletter)

Bookings are now Closed


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